Hello world!

We have begun!  Founded in January of this year, we have hit the ground running:  We have a contract in hand to provide development and support for the IntelliJ-Haxe plugin and we are looking for more customers.  If your team uses IntelliJ IDEA as your development environment and requires hands-on support or have needs that are not being addressed by the market, we would love to talk to you.  (As the Welsh say, “We’re willing to help you… We’re wanting to help you… We’re waiting to help you!”)

We do much more than Haxe, though.  We are software generalists that have worked on a dizzying array of products such as:

  • custom GIS (Geographic Information Systems),
  • sales force automation,
  • personal information management,
  • email clients,
  • web servers,
  • embedded databases,
  • cellular telephone protocols,
  • embedded user interfaces,
  • web sites,
  • and, of course, developer tools.

We’ve worked at the very lowest and very highest levels of the software stack.  All of this is to say: If it’s software, we do it!

That said, everyone has certain interests.  For us, we’ve always had a fascination with developer tools.  IDEs, editors, compilers, build systems, test infrastructure, and the like.  We derive quite a bit of satisfaction from saving our peers a little bit of time every day.  So, for products (and blog posts) that we create, you’ll see us addressing pain points that affect engineers every day.  That may take the form of a note on a particular problem, or it may be an entire product designed to change the way you work.  Indeed, if you have ideas (and no time to implement them on your own), send them our way and we’ll see what we can do.